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Accepting Change

Recently I had a huge change in my life and it reminded me about when I was first diagnosed with cancer how much my life changed. A few weeks ago, I had a seizure, luckily, I was lying in bed when it happened and no harm was caused. I was admitted into the hospital for the day as it was the first time I had ever had a seizure. The doctors advised me that I am no longer able to drive for six months, I can’t drink any alcohol for a few months and I can’t do any activities such as swimming by myself anymore. The biggest change from this is not being able to drive, this is one of my favourite things to do! I am a very independent person and I drive somewhere every single day, whether it’s to university, the shops, or dropping my brother off at school, I am always on the go. The first few weeks were so tough for me, getting used to this huge change in my life was more difficult than I thought. I had to change everything, how I got around, planning for someone to drive me places in advanced and not being able to just jump in the car and go wherever I wanted to. I was so upset and I often found myself just lying in my room in tears. This was the biggest change in my life since finishing cancer treatment. Back then I had to get used to all the new difficulties I had such as fatigue, short-term memory loss and a difference in my cognitive abilities. A few weeks ago, I had a big realisation that I could not keep feeling down and sorry for myself because of what has happened, I have to accept this new change and get on with living my life. I realised that I can’t change what has happened or the fact that I am no longer able to drive for six months, I need to find new ways of living and being able to enjoy my life how it is. Realising this was not an easy thing to do, it still sucks but I see it as there is no point of just sitting in my room feeling down and not having any fun, I need to keep living my life to the fullest. I guess this post may be able to help those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are struggling with all the new changes in their life or those who have recently finished treatment and are getting used to their new life post-treatment.

- Everyone deals with change differently

Do you ever feel like you’re not moving on and accepting change quickly enough? Yeah, we have all been there. The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different, some are more used to change and can deal with it much quicker than others. Dealing with change takes time so focus on what’s important in your life right now and don’t rush the process.

- The best way to deal with change is to accept that there is nothing you can do to change it.

As hard as it may be, accepting change is the best way to deal with it and adapt your life around it. Most of the time we can’t change what has happened and this is just the way life has turned out. Don’t sit in your room for weeks on end and get upset about something you have no control over! The first step to feeling okay about this is creating goals for your life, plan on how you will achieve it and put every bit of energy and motivation into getting it done!

- Allow others to help and make your life more enjoyable

Don’t try and do everything on your own, you don’t have to. Allow others to help you out when you need, it’s okay to ask and it's okay to accept help. Allowing others to help out can really take some stress off your shoulders and can bring you more enjoyment in your life.

- Keep in mind that things will get better

This change will not be hard forever, it will get better and you can still enjoy your life. It may seem like things will never get better right now but trust me, it will! It may take a while to seem like it’s getting better and it may take some hard work and determination but you will get there.

- Talk to others about how your feeling

It's okay to let out how your feeling to others. Sometimes this alone can really help you feel better about things and may even give you a different perspective. Find a close friend, family member or someone you trust and talk to them about what’s going on. Not many people will refuse to talk about something that’s making you feel down so don’t be afraid to speak up. Please remember if don’t have anyone to talk to the Cancer Talk Foundation is always open to talk. Head to our Facebook or Instagram page to send a message or email us!

- Make the most out of your life no matter how difficult it may be

Sometimes change can lead to a more difficult or challenging life, if this has happened to you there is one important thing to always remember. This change DOES NOT define you and your life! You are still able to go out and have fun, maybe with friends, family or someone you always have a good time with. Don’t let this change stop you from doing things you love and enjoy, you can always find ways of doing it you may just need a little help. So go out and make the most of every moment, have fun, do things for yourself, love others and create happiness!

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