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What is the Cancer Talk blog all about?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hi there, if you don’t already know my name is Maggie Miller and I am the founder of Cancer Talk. I am nearly 19 years old and I was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 11. If you would like to read about my cancer story, head on over to the stories page!

So, I have created this blog to share my experiences with cancer and what side effects the cancer and various treatments have left me to deal with. I want to share with you what affects me the most, how I deal with it, and what strategies I have found to be the most useful to overcome the difficulties and make life that little bit more bearable.

I will be sharing with you what organisations and support groups I have found the most helpful during and after my journey, what I found the most difficult during my treatment, how I managed to complete school after treatment, how to create new relationships after cancer and so many more topics relating to life and cancer.

I’m so excited to create these posts and help others going through similar things like I have gone through and still do! Hopefully there will be a new blog with a new topic every few weeks so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to the Cancer Talk blog so you don’t miss any blog posts!

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