Welcome to the Cancer Talk community forum! Here you can chat with others who can understand your experience and who have been through similar experiences. When dealing with cancer it can be difficult to find someone to talk to that just get it, here you don't have to explain yourself.

There are various categories included in the forum to cater for different topics. Have a look through to find something you would like to chat about or contribute to!

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Forum Rules

- No advertising allowed by businesses. This is a place where those who have experienced cancer can connect with others.

- Be kind to others. Please do not use nasty words towards others and remember that you don't know what the person you are talking to is going through right now.

- No *magical cures* Posting these cures such as marijuana, oils, foods and whatever else people believe cures cancer. When going through cancer we already are overloaded by people trying to tell us what to take or do to cure cancer and sometimes this can be really offensive or even hurtful so please keep these to yourself.

- Do not post private information. We want everyone in the community to be safe so please don't post your personal information such as phone numbers, emails and addresses!

Cancer Talk Groups

A new feature of the Cancer Talk website is Cancer Talk Groups!

A place where you can join the groups that suit you and your experiences and talk, share and help others in similar situations. 

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